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Welcome to Dave's Stone Memorials. I’m Dave Eade and I have been a professional memorial stonemason in Essex for 22 years. If you need to create a memorial for a loved one, inscribed and engraved to your requirements, I am here to help.

I can also help with restoration, including releveling and regilding, as well as additional inscriptions. Serving clients in Essex and Greater London, I can supply a memorial for your loved one from a wide range of materials and in a number of different styles, working with the utmost taste and sensitivity.

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Services by Dave’s Stone Memorials

memorial headstones


I can source a large range of memorials made from materials such as granite, marble, limestone, slate and others. If you would like to consider all your options in your own time, I can supply a brochure enabling you to choose the exact style and material you want. I can also install the memorial to a high standard, ensuring it will remain as a fitting testimony to your loved one’s memory for years, decades, and potentially centuries to come.



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I can restore weathered, damaged and broken memorials. I can also carry out replacements, duplicates and perform onsite installations. Many older memorials also require releveling, if the ground subsides underneath a memorial over time. As an experienced memorial stonemason in Essex, I can also regild inscriptions and engravings, bringing back a memorial to its former beauty.




inscribing memorial headstone


I can arrange to have a memorial inscribed using top-of-the-range inscription materials for a truly bespoke memorial. Many people like to add short poems, bible verses, or song lyrics to a memorial. There are many places where these epitaphs are listed to help you gain inspiration. I can also carry out additionals, where a family memorial, for example, requires extra inscriptions over time.








Finding the Right Memorial for Your Loved One

I can source headstones, statues, cremation memorials, and decorative memorials in a wide range of materials including granite, marble, limestone, slate, and bronze.

If you need assistance deciding on an inscription or a suitable material, I am also here to advise and offer a consultative service on this aspect, enabling you to find a fitting memorial that best suits your budget and personal preferences. All you have to do is contact myself via the handy fill-in form to get started.

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A BRAMM registered memorial stonemason in Essex

The British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons is intended to ensure a uniform standard of workmanship across the industry, and to encourage ongoing training, improvement, and excellence in the field. It also provides a guarantee of memorial stability, and promotes a closer relationship between memorial masons and burial authorities.




What to Consider when Buying a Funeral Memorial?

  • The type of stone or material used, the colour and the effect weathering may have.
  • The style of memorial you want, whether it is a headstone, a kerb memorial, a cremation memorial or a decorative memorial.
  • Choosing an inscription: it's impossible to sum up someone’s life in a single passage, but a short epitaph is a great personal addition to a memorial - it may be a lyric, bible verse or perhaps a poem.
  • Rules specific to the cemetery or churchyard – these may regulate the size and type of memorials allowed and the kinds of inscriptions permitted.


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As a Bramm registered memorial stonemason in Essex, I will ensure your memorial meets the criteria of the cemetery of the intended burial, before commencing work on your inscription.

To arrange for your memorial to be supplied and inscribed by a professional memorial stonemason in Essex, contact me using the fill-in form, and I shall call you back in good time.

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