Monumental Stonemason Services in Essex

At Dave’s Stone Memorials, I provide full monumental stonemason services in Essex and London. From helping you select a suitable headstone or monument, right through to inscribing the memorial as required.

I also carry out a full restoration service for any memorial, reinstating a monument to its previous splendour, and honouring the memory of a loved-one for many decades to come.

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Beautiful Memorials Made Easy

As a monumental stonemason, part of my work is to make it as straightforward and worry-free as possible to install a fitting memorial for your loved-one.



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Step one:
Selecting an appropriate memorial

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This comes with a few caveats, the main one being the rules of the cemetery or church where it shall be erected. The majority of memorials on the brochures I supply are compliant with these regulations, but it is important to be certain.


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Step two:
Deciding on an inscription

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There are many options for inscriptions, and again, some of these may be subject to cemetery rules. Once you have decided, I shall check these over for you personally, and finalise them to make sure all the details are precise and appropriate.



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Step three:
Obtaining a churchyard permit

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Once we have agreed on a price, and commenced work, I will obtain a cemetery permit for you, which is standard practice for any memorial. This can require some patience, as the waiting time for these can be quite lengthy.


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Step four: Installing the memorial

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Once the memorial has been completed, I shall erect the monument or memorial, ensuring this aspect is completed to the highest standard, and making sure that the memorial will look respectable and weather well over the course of time.


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Restoring Memorials to Their Best

Providing full monumental stonemason services in Essex, one of the main aspects of my work is reinstating a memorial to its earlier beauty.

Stone memorials can weather in a number of different ways, depending on the material, climate, and even the vegetation in the surrounding area. Sometimes a monument simply requires a very good clean, or for the lettering to be tidied or regilded. Other times, it may be that it needs to be relevelled or supported structurally, to prevent it leaning or falling.

If the memorial has been damaged beyond conventional repair, I can replicate and replace it, ensuring the work is of a very high standard.

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Memorable Inscriptions and Engravings

Selecting an appropriate inscription can require some thought and consideration.
If you need any assistance with this aspect, I can advise and assist, and can supply popular poems, lyrics, and bible verses as required. Once the lettering is agreed and finalised, it will be carried out with top quality tools, and, as a highly experienced monumental stonemason, I will ensure it is completed to a perfect standard.

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If you require a memorial to be supplied and inscribed by a professional memorial stonemason in Essex, contact me using the fill-in form, and I will call you back in good time.


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